February 29, 2015

This week’s market specials feature smoked pulled pork leg from a 400 lb. Smith and Smith sow. After a twenty-four hour smoke using post oak we harvested ourselves, Geo shredded the pork and seasoned it with some of our homemade apple cider vinegar made from Texas apples. This will be featured on our beef fat brioche made with Texas Coronado wheat, Winters Family Beef fat, mum eggs, Round Rock Honey, and Stryk Jersey farm raw cow’s milk resulting in a mean pulled pork sandwich. Also offered is a healthy breakfast of roasted sweet potato, green garlic cilantro sausage, fried farm egg, and cilantro aioli made entirely with Texas ingredients including Yegua Creek Pecan Oil and homegrown cilantro. 

Don’t forget to take home some of our products to keep your family satisfied during the week. We currently have slow smoked wagyu and grass-fed brisket as well as wagyu pastrami. Cold weather got you down? We have chicken soup made with rich broth, garlic sausage and hearty root vegetables. Top with sliced cabbage and lime for a quick weeknight dinner. We also have sodium-free pork bone broth for all your at home cooking needs. 

This week’s charcuterie includes a terrine of confit pork belly, garden herbs, and arugula flowers from Green Gate Farms. Also we’ve prepared a pâté of caramelized chicken livers and organic grass-fed butter. We have a limited supply of a lacto-fermented dry cured salami made with Organicare Ossabaw/Yorkshire pork and our orange vinegar, giving it a unique floral characteristic.

We hope to offer more homegrown items in the near future. Matti’s all geared up for the Spring, equipped with a brand new greenhouse for extending the season and a newly mulched bed ready for planting. After enough butting heads with stubborn grasses, we’re now attempting a no-till method. Our 15 organically fed hens enjoy foraging where they please and keep us with a steady supply of eggs for most of our market items. We’ve got four young girls about to produce and four more baby chicks only a week old. Soon we’ll be welcoming the addition of two baby alpine goats. We anxiously wait their arrival into this world at Pure Luck Farm and Dairy. We visited the dairy last week, and besides being a happy healthy home to many adorable goats, it’s a thriving herb farm with a soon to be microbrewery. Yet another reason the Texas Hill Country is our favorite place to be.